Monday, June 22, 2009

Pedro Promised All My Wildest Dreams Would Come True

I've been searching and saving and hoping for a drum carder since...I started spinning (2005). And now I almost have one! A lovely, pre-loved Louet is on its way to me from Michigan-a lucky find on ravelry/craigslist. I'm so excited! I'll finally be able to process the hoardes of fleece I've accumulated from local farmers (corriedale and alpaca), plus, I'll be able to do allll kinds of custom blends...different fibers, different colors. I can't wait!

This also means that I can join in more fun Spindies adventures. Spindies is a collective of fabulous fiber artists specializing in spinning fibers and handspun yarn. We have big plans for fiber clubs, and while I was planning on adding my fiber to the roving of the month club, now I'll be able to contribute batts to the batt of the month club when it debuts!

In other news, my move is almost complete. And I'm a lawyer now. The Vermont Supreme Court said so. Woo!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vermont Dairy Festival

It's time for the 53rd Dairy Festival! Come to Enosburg Falls, VT on Friday, June 5, or Saturday, June 6, and I'll be there, selling milk items (handspun yarn and spinning fiber), wool yarn, and bath and body items in the Masons Hall. The carnival, parade, musical performances, and the celebration of Vermont dairy (ice cream! CHEESE!!) should be spectacular! I might even have a few free samples at my table for you to indulge in.