Sunday, March 25, 2007

My little fuzzy bunny is gone.

Mr. George arrived at my door on January 19, 2004. He was little and nosy and adorable.

He ran lengths of the Baltimore apartment, he chased possessed cats named Robert, and he lounged. Of course, everyone who met him fell in love with him because of his supreme cuteness and his unique personality, and people requested his presence for Easter. He was his own man, and was only to be pet on his own terms.

It was in Baltimore that we learned of George's love of yogurt treats. He would go in his cage if he heard his box of treats rattle, he would jump up on top of his cage to find his box of treats, and he would knock the box off of his cage, spill treats everywhere, and eat as many as he could before anyone could pick up the spilled treats. But he still always looked so innocent, even when he knew he was doing something he shouldn't have been...

George went through AmeriCorps with me. He visited the school I worked in and let little kids pet him. And then, in August of 2005, we moved to Vermont to go to law school. George still went to school, even in Vermont. He showed off his long ears and long back legs to demonstrate his rabbitly adaptations. And of course everyone in Vermont loved him, too.

In Vermont, George found that he preferred lounging on human furniture. He also ventured outside to play in the grass and helped me garden all summer long.

George spent his time rearranging the apartment and causing a general ruckus while I spent my time in class, and he helped me study by hopping up next to me and sitting directly on top of my books so I could pet him. He broadened his tastes to include watermelon, cherries, and mesclun mix (he was clearly a trendy rabbit, as he preferred the locally grown, organic mesclun mix).

In October 2006 the vet found an abcess. George had a couple surgeries and took loads of medicine for the next few months. He was a good sport and remained his mischievous little self throughout, but the vets couldn't do anything more and it became obvious that his abcess was causing him pain and made it hard for him to eat. So, on March 7, 2007, Mr. George took some good drugs that made him drift off into sleep.

I will miss him bunches, but I know I was lucky for knowing such an awesome fuzzy rabbit man.

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