Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I think I need to take some classes

My mom has been taking web design courses like Flash and Dreamweaver, and she's already a Photoshop pro...and I need these skills, too! Running a business and doing all of the design work, production, PR, etc. can be exhausting...which is not helped by the fact that not only are my graphics skills less than mediocre, but I'm also very slow at it. Arg. Maybe my mother can teach me a few things the next time I trek back to NY.
Here are the latest bits to put in promo materials...black and white and color options. Yeah...I'll keep working on them...but at least I'm starting to understand GIMP.

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fernfiddlehead said...

Wow -- your Mom?!?! That's great that she's so up-to-date with technology. My father owns a PC and never turns it on. He bought it at Walmart.