Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Tote Ever

I have this addiction to canvas totes. I love them. I can't get enough of them. I justify this addiction by sprinkling them about my house and car so that whenever I go to the co-op or any other store, they're at hand and I don't have to use any paper or plastic bags. Yes, perfectly justifiable; an addiction that helps the environment! This has always proven to be my tote of choice, by Black Sheep Heap:
I love the graphic and the message, it speaks to my love of root vegetables, and it's big. It's about the same size as a paper grocery bag, with handles long enough that I can put it over my shoulder. Perfect! And sturdy. And made in the US. AND made from recycled fibers. Really, I love all of Black Sheep Heap designs (and their focus on sustainability), but this is the one I root around for every time I go shopping.

1 comment:

venus said...

Beautiful Bag......its really looking nice...

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