Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boundaries, or the lack thereof

Today I found a yellow slip in my post office box, which always means I have presents waiting for me behind the secret doors! Usually the lovely post office men put a key in my box and I go to a cubby, unlock it, and find whatever package has been mailed to me, but today I had to go to the counter. I handed over my slip, gave them my box number, and then heard all sorts of commotion. Things like, "so YOU'RE the fuzzy bunny!" and "we've been waiting all week for you!" and "we have a HUGE box for you!". So the man disappeared behind the counter and returned with a giant box...of wool! Yes, 11 pounds of wool. I brought home my giant box and it exploded open. The wool expanded to cover a good 1/3 of my deck. I fought the urge to jump in it and roll around, however when the other 15 pounds arrive, I may combine them and do just that.

So, this brings me to the question of: how much fiber is enough? Even without enough storage space for what I have, I still wouldn't turn down fiber. It's fiber! Any artist will understand the constant lusting after supplies. And so, I shall continue to drool over fiber and wish for it, even though it may seem excessive to those who don't understand fiber obsessions (afterall, I'll put it all to good use...eventually). Perhaps when I have pathways through my house instead of open walkways I'll consider working my fiber stash down.

The latest thing I've been lusting after are these Artists' Paint Boxes on Spindies. The boxes contain 5 ounces of fiber, a combination of different green fibers (each month the color changes) from an assortment of fiber artists. $25, including shipping. They'd make a great gift to someone (like me!), or for yourself. I personally love experimenting with different fibers and having smaller amounts of random bits that I might not think to dye myself-it often results in unexpected, but beautiful, yarn. Here is a photo of September's green fibers:

I'm hoping I'll find this under my Christmas tree.

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