Thursday, October 01, 2009

My First Fiber Festival!

I felt like the new kid as I was setting up at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival. I've done other shows (Second Storie} Indie Market, Boston Bazaar Bizarre, etc.), but never a fiber festival. Something about being in a show with all of my fiber peers, many of whom have been in fiber crafts for decades, seemed particularly daunting. I imagined people harshly judging my spinning technique, color choices, and lack of my own fiber animals. Admittedly, my fears were completely unfounded as I have never come across an unhelpful or unsupportive fiber person. Ever. That trend continued at this festival. It was spectacular to talk to so many people who were so enthusiastic about fiber.

The animals are always my favorite part of fiber festivals. I was surprised to find cashmere goats. They were so soft. And gigantic. It turns out that there is a convent in Greenwich, NY where they keep a herd and knit fantastic cashmere items. Disappointingly, they do not sell the fiber to spinners (but at only 4 ounces of fiber from each animal per year, completely understandable).
AREA Cria-tions brought a few of their alpacas, who would make fantastic friends for the bunnies (maybe they could share 80's hair tips). Lenni could keep everyone in line. And of course there were bunnies. Fluffy baby angora bunnies who I had to avoid all weekend for fear of wanting to bring them all home with me.
I was happy with my pom pom tree. I went out into the woods to find the perfect fallen branch for this. It seemed to catch the attention of many, and a few people stopped to take photos of it. I also ordered a brand new set of shelves for showcasing spinning fiber...wool, milk, and bamboo roving as well as carded batts. The festival turned out to be spectacular: well organized and well attended. They even had hot chocolate (and hot showers) for those of us who were insane enough to camp in the freezing cold. I was so impressed that I've already signed up to be a vendor next year, and I can't wait.

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