Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Binky Balls

My bunnies are silly little fluffmonsters, and they love to binky. Binkying is a true art form that involves jumping, and then twisting and jerking while in the air. It appears to be a fun thing to do, and frequently involves mid-air crashes into walls and furniture. The binky is essentially a physical manifestation of pure bunny joy.
This becomes relevant when I think about my reaction to fiber. I, too, feel like binkying when I am exposed to great fiber, although I rarely do this in front of others as a grown human looks ridiculous spasming mid-air (especially if I crash into things...). Annnnnyway, my newest favorite thing to create are balls of hand-pulled roving. I drum card combinations of my own hand-dyed fibers then pull them, and have aptly titled them "binky balls". They are super easy to spin and make for spectacularly colored yarns. You can find them in my shop.

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