Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Smellers

When I left Vermont, I was disappointed to move away from the creative community that I had become a part of.  The other night I participated in my first event since the move, and it was really good to do a show in New York again. I'm happy to find myself part of a new creative community, full of artists and fine creaftspeople who are proving to be resourceful and supportive.

The other night's event was Art & Whimsy, which was a fundraiser for the Empire State Lyric Theatre.  There were lions flanking the entrance, a lemon-themed decor, and spectacular live music throughout the evening.  I failed to take any photographs of the venue, but you can take a look at Stefani Tadio's blog.  Stefani was set up in the same room as I and proved to be an excellent vending companion.  Her specialty is hand-stitched paper art, which is really intricate and pretty.  I couldn't help but pick up a few of her sticky notes; they will make excellent gifts (excuse the plastic, I should have photographed them without it...).
I was so happy to see two artists from Second Storie!   Shanna Murray and Vicki Hartman both set up tables full of goodness.  Shanna had new wall decals, which I loooooved.  There were lambs, and birds, and oval-shaped garlands in different color options...amazing!  It was hard to resist the lambs, but I though this sparkly gold swallow would go well with my very favorite screenprint (for scale, the frame is 22" x 28").  I'm pleased with how they look together.
Vicki had new ceramic houses.  I already regret not getting one that evening!  They were so unique and had an earthy, organic sort of element that drew me in.  I did, however, get this nifty soapdish that my mother pined for at Second Storie.  Now I can finally make my mother's favorite soap (scrubby oat bars with ground oatmeal and spices), put it on this dish, and surprise her with her favorite things.


Stefani said...

Thanks for mention, Liz!

I feel like I've met a whole new circle of friends - Shanna, Vicki, plus their friends as I check out their blogs and shows.

Kate said...

Wow, great to see you are jumping into the craft scene, Liz! Hope you are settling in otherwise. Checked out your new and improved banner (light and airy!) at Etsy.
Send me an email sometime....