Sunday, June 06, 2010

All is Right in the World of Fuzziness

On June 5, The Fuzzy Bunny participated in the Wayne County History Museum's Artisan's Faire.  This was a craft show with a twist, where each artist demonstrated their craft in the actual museum.  I met some great local artisans, learned a bit about local history, and hung out in an old jail.  There's no better place for a craft show than an old jail, right?  The museum is actually the old jail/sherrif's residence.  I was set up in the weaving/fiber room, but the jail was fascinating in a creepy, dark kind of way.

The show led to lots of requests for our attendance at other local shows, which is fantastic!  It's always nice to have my work appreciated, and I would love to stay closer to home for shows than travel constantly.  More time for the making of things!

Everything is coming together.  Exciting business opportunities are coming my way and I was just offered a fantastic job as an attorney editor.  It took a long time to sign all the paperwork, but I'm almost an official employee!  After working full-time for the past month or so in a temp job, I'm confident I can keep up a full-time job and maintain The Fuzzy Bunny.  I can't think of a better way to spend my time, dividing it between legal work and using my hands to make practical objects.  On that note, my latest project is a pair of fantastic baby duck socks for expecting friends.  So cute!


Stefani said...

Congratulations on the permanent employment!

How did the Maine show go?

Glad things are humming along for you, Liz!

The Fuzzy Bunny said...

Thank you! I'm so excited, I start tomorrow.

The Maine show went well. It was the first year and a good start for them. I think they have a lot of potential to grow. And Acadia National Park was beautiful...we poked around the water and on top of Cadillac Mountain. Awesome views!