Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate, I'm sharing my favorite, yet random, cleaning tip for cutting boards:
sprinkle salt onto the wood, then scrub with half a lemon, orange, or the remnants of citrus that you previously squeezed the juice from
[the salt provides excellent scrubbiness, and the citrus oils do wonders for deodorizing (not to mention that they smell fantastic!)]

Easy, eh? I tried this out just last week, with the addition of some baking soda, and you'd never know I spilled fragrance oil onto a cutting board. It's magic! And no harsh chemicals are involved, making it a perfect recipe for Earth Day.

I finished spinning some organic cotton yarn just in time for Earth Day, with more mill-ends and plant fibers on the way. Check out my shop for lots of earth-friendly yarn options.

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